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3 reasons to Enhance your deck

Outdoor lounge decking area with integrated planter using Trex Enhance Calm Water

Earlier this year, we announced the expansion of our Trex decking collection to include the Enhance Basics and Enhance Naturals ranges, adding six new colour options to suit any outdoor space and budget.

UK homeowners and businesses understand the benefits of Trex Transcend decking – and not just its durability and ease of maintenance! Transcend remains the top option for those who want a luxurious deck with rich colours, a realistic woodgrain effect, and a quality that simply can’t be beaten.

But there’s for those looking for a high quality composite product at a lower price, there are plenty of reasons to choose Enhance decking too. Our product marketing manager, Sarah Francis has listed her top three reasons to choose a Trex Enhance deck this summer.

1. More colours = more choice

While Trex Transcend colours such as Island Mist and Spiced Rum remain the most popular options in the UK, we believe that variety is the spice of life, so when the Enhance collection launched, we were delighted to be able to offer more colours than ever before.

Trex Enhance Naturals colour swatches

The Enhance Naturals collection offers the beauty of wood with the ease of composite, and is available in four colour options: weathered timber-effect Rocky Harbor, ideal for seaside properties, the modern light blue-grey Foggy Wharf, warm sandy brown Toasted Sand, for a more traditional hardwood appearance, and contemporary dark charcoal Calm Water.

Trex Enhance Basics colour swatches

Enhance Basics is available in two monochromatic colours – so while it lacks the subtle two-tone grain of the Enhance Naturals and Transcend products, it still makes for a striking backdrop to your outdoor space. Clam Shell is a contemporary, even-toned solid dark grey, which looks fantastic in full sunlight, while Saddle is a more traditional warm brown tone, which would perfectly suit a sandstone or brick property.

2. Why not DIY?

The solidity of Trex Transcend is part of what makes it the professional’s choice: but what about keen DIYers?

Plenty of homeowners in the UK might want to save money by installing their own deck, and the Enhance collection is perfect for people who want to take matters into their own hands!

An outdoor garden of Trex enhance natural foggy wharf decking with chairs and plants.

Trex Enhance boards are lighter than Transcend thanks to the product’s scalloped core, which makes them easier to handle, cut and lift into place than Transcend boards so they’re perfect for DIY decking projects.

For people wanting to install their own Trex Enhance deck, we would always recommend speaking to staff at your local stockist to ensure you’re purchasing the right fittings for the Enhance range – they’re a mine of information too, so it’s well worth tapping them up for some top tips! And we have a whole host of helpful materials on hand for anyone installing a Trex deck, from our dedicated ‘how to’ video to a telephone helpline, so assistance is always available.

3. Keeping an eye on costs

When it comes to composite decking, cheaper isn’t always better – we’ve seen first hand how much the quality of products can vary, with some composite brands cutting costs with hollow shells or uncapped cores, both of which affects the lifespan of the product.

That said, we understand that not everyone is able to treat themselves to a Trex Transcend deck: that’s why Trex developed the Enhance range in the first place. Whether you’re installing your own deck, or working with a TrexPRO installer, Enhance means that you can be assured of Trex quality without having to pay top dollar.

Birdseye view of raised brown decking with furniture. White trim fencing.

Transcend is unbeatable in terms of its hard-wearing, scratch resistant shell, but the Enhance ranges still offer the key benefits customers have come to expect from Trex. That includes solid boards, capped on three sides; a 25-year warranty for domestic decking (or 10 years for a commercial deck), which covers against fading and staining; and with just a quick wash required to bring the deck back to its pristine best.

If you want to take a closer look at the Enhance Naturals and Enhance Basics collections, you can order Trex decking samples, or speak to your local Trex stockist for more information.

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