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Trex: Our match made in eco-friendly heaven

Red accessories used alongside the grey tones of Trex Island Mist decking

As the desire for decking continues to grow, so does the public’s demand for sustainable products.

Fortunately, we’re able to offer customers the perfect combination of the two, in the form of Trex composite decking, which offers a low maintenance decking solution. And not only is Trex low maintenance, it’s been named as an Eco Leader by Green Builder Media due to its sustainability credentials.

But what makes Trex composite decking so eco-friendly?

Grassy garden area led with a path to raised brown decking area and black railing at the back of a house.


End-to-end responsibility

One of the factors contributing to Trex’s new Eco Leader status is its sustainable manufacturing processes, which are in place at all levels of its supply chain – from using post-consumer and post-industrial content in its raw materials to reducing its fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in its factories.

Trex has taken a number of steps to reduce the environmental impact of its factories, including using vegetable oil in some of its hydraulic systems, and using closed loop systems which reduce water consumption levels.

Recycled materials

Trex is made from 95 per cent recycled materials, which means that the company hasn’t felled a single tree for deck manufacture in its 20-year history thanks to its use of reclaimed wood, used pallets and more than 150 million kilos of sawdust each year instead.

Every year, the company also recycles 1.5 billion shopping bags and prevents 300,000 tonnes of scrap plastic and wood from reaching landfill sites in order to create its composite decking.

Small decking in island mist overlooking a pond

Products that stand the test of time

Despite being low maintenance, Trex composite decking is made to last.

To protect the boards from the unpredictable British weather, shell technology is used to keep the decking in top condition for longer. Because of this, the decking won’t rot, split, fade or stain – and therefore will never need oiling or painting – so that you can enjoy the space for longer.

Guaranteed for 25 years residentially and 10 years commercially, Trex offers a genuinely sustainable solution to the increased demand for decking, and we’re proud to supply products where every step has been taken to ensure minimal environmental impact, with no compromise on quality and aesthetic appeal.

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