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Decking trends in 2021: our top five predictions

It’s no secret that there was a huge demand for home improvement works during 2020, and this trend looks set to continue this year.

Not only are homeowners wanting to spruce up the inside of their homes, but they’re also wanting to make the most of their outdoor space – and with an emphasis on socialising outside where possible likely to continue into summer and beyond, it’s no surprise that decking is high on the agenda.

Thanks to the annual Abordeck Awards, we’re able to see a great selection of the fantastic decks being installed across the UK, which gives us a further insight into what the biggest trends are in the decking market. Here, we’ve put together our predicted top five decking trends for 2021.

Getting creative with space

With more people than ever wanting to have a deck installed in order to make the most of their outdoor space, installers are having to be increasingly creative to design decks which fit seamlessly into the space available.

As well as using curved boards to fit around awkward spaces, we’re seeing a growing number of installations which maximise the space available through the use of multiple levels. This is a great way of making use of outdoor spaces which aren’t flat, and can act as the ideal way to separate areas of the deck for different purposes.

Curved decks

We’re seeing more and more unique decks with each year the Arbordeck Awards take place, with installers going the extra mile in order to bring their customers’ visions to life.

An increasingly popular way to make a deck stand out from the crowd is by deviating from the square and rectangular shapes traditionally associated with decks, and instead creating curved edges. Skilled decking installers are able to create curved boards using the Trex CustomCurve™ oven, which will give a deck a modern feel.

Curved Trex deck step with spotlights

Multiple Colours

The use of more than one colour of decking has grown in popularity over the last few years, particularly as Trex has continued to expand its product ranges – meaning a wider range of colours is now available.

Trex’s range of colours means that installers can be creative when installing decks, and we see decks which feature combinations of both complementary shades and contrasting shades, with the use of two or more colours acting as a way of adding an extra something to make a deck more unique.

And colours don’t simply have to sit side-by-side: it’s a great way of incorporating a pattern or unique central feature into a deck’s design.

Eco-friendly decking

While other news may still be dominating the headlines in early 2021, the environment is still a hot topic and more and more people are wanting to play their part in securing the future of the planet. This extends to decking, with homeowners keen to make eco-friendly choices when it comes to their outdoor space; making environmentally responsible decisions and choosing only sustainably manufactured landscape products.

Trex composite decking provides the ideal solution, thanks to being made from 95 per cent recycled materials. It only uses recycled plastic from waste plastic bags, and wood waste. In fact, the company hasn’t felled a single tree throughout its history, and uses around 350,000 tonnes per annum of waste materials – with an average 50m2 Trex deck containing 140,000 plastic bags!

The use of recycled materials combined with Trex composite decking’s durability – which includes a 25-year warranty, so it won’t need to be replaced for many years – makes it the perfect choice for consumers looking to improve their outdoor spaces with minimal impact on the environment; a choice we expect many people to be making in 2021 and beyond.


One of the major decking trends we’re expecting to see this year is the addition of lighting, which provides the ideal combination of aesthetic appeal and increased safety – meaning the decking space can be enjoyed after dark.

The ‘Deck of the Year’ prize at the 2020 Arbordeck Awards went to this project by Composite Decking Lifestyles, and it perfectly demonstrates how lighting can add the finishing touch to a deck.


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