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How to prepare your deck for spring

Trex deck path with bench through a green bushy garden with rope railings

The days are already beginning to get noticeably longer, which is a sure sign that spring is on its way.

Spring signals the start of being able to make the most of decking spaces again after having less chance to use them during the cold, dark and wet winter months, so now is the perfect time to get your deck back into the perfect shape.

If, like many people do, you’ve left your deck to fend for itself through winter, fear not: we’re here to help! Read on to see our step-by-step guide for preparing your deck for plenty of use through spring and summer.

Time for a spring clean

Leaving your deck to gather dirt and debris through winter is a very easy mistake to make, and you’re certainly not alone if you haven’t shown your deck much love over the past few months.

The first step to getting your deck in shape for spring is to sweep away the leaves and other debris that will have accumulated over autumn and winter – a leaf blower would come in handy, but if you don’t have one, a simple bristled sweeping brush will do the trick.

Once the deck is cleared, we’d advise washing it with water. This can be done with a sweeping brush or a hose, or if you have a pressure washer you could use that too – but be careful if your deck is made from softwood timber as this could damage the boards. Using either some soap or a special deck cleaning product along with the water will help to remove any mould that may have formed during winter, and washing your deck will also highlight any issues such as damage or fading, so you know whether you’ll need to take any further steps to correct these.


Freshen up your deck

Composite decking such as Trex only requires minimal maintenance, meaning that a simple sweep and hose down will be enough to get the space back in tip-top condition. This is thanks to its use of shell technology in order to offer enhanced protection against the weather – making it the ideal choice for anyone who isn’t able to put lots of time and effort into getting their deck ready for spring each year.

Trex decking lounge area

If, however, you have a traditional timber deck, you may need to stain the boards to make it look fresh again. There are plenty of shades of decking stain available to match natural decking colours – or if you’re wanting a complete change, decking paint provides the opportunity for you to do just that.

Before staining or painting your deck, be sure to prepare it properly according to product instructions for best results, and make sure the boards have fully dried after being washed before applying decking stain; we recommend waiting 48-72 hours.

Do some deck-orating

The final step to getting your deck ready to enjoy throughout the warmer months is to add some finishing touches to make sure the space is exactly what you want it to be.

This could be through the addition of furniture, and that doesn’t necessarily mean buying an entirely new set: painting your existing furniture and other wooden features such as planters can make a huge difference to the space.

Trex island Mist deck with sofa and chairs

And why not add some pops of colour? This is set to be a key trend for both indoor and outdoor living spaces again this year, and adding bold shades to a neutral deck will really transform the space – whether you’re painting the full furniture set or simply adding bright-coloured cushions to seating spaces.

One way to enjoy your deck for longer on an evening as spring turns into summer is to add lighting to the space, which is not only practical and adds an extra safety element but also creates a stunning finish. Trex Outdoor Lighting™ can be retrofitted, and incorporated in a way that suits your deck and requirements.

Another popular way to add a personal touch to a decking space is to go green with the addition of plants. With a well-documented link between nature and wellbeing, this is the perfect way to help your deck become a sanctuary – and you can even take this to the next level by incorporating a space on your deck to grow your own vegetables, making the deck as eco-friendly as it is enjoyable for spring and beyond.

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