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How to Pet-Proof Your Composite Decking

Garden decking with dog

Like their human counterparts, dogs love spending time outdoors. Whether it’s a game of fetch or some frisbee fun, it’s vital to make sure your composite decking is safe for every member of the family, including the furry ones. We’ve compiled six essential features every dog owner should consider to create the perfect pet-friendly outdoor area.

1. Choose Composite Decking for Paw Protection

Wooden decks can splinter, risking painful injuries to your pet’s paws. Over time, wood can also rot and warp, which compromises the stability of the deck’s surface. Trex composite decking, made from 95% recycled materials, is durable, scratch-resistant, and remains splinter-free, providing a safer environment for your pets.Trex composite decking with child and dog

2. Effortlessly Handle Stains and Spills

Dealing with stains from muddy paws or house training accidents is challenging on a wooden deck. Trex composite decking is designed to make life easier for both pets and their owners. Its easy-clean surface allows stains and odours to be washed away with just soap and water, reducing maintenance and leaving more time for play.

3. Keep Cool with Lineage Decking

The summer heat can turn any deck surface into a no-go zone for pets due to the risk of burns and discomfort. Trex Lineage™ decking is engineered with advanced heat mitigation technologies, ensuring a cooler deck surface where your pets can relax and enjoy comfortably.

Trex Lineage decking in Jasper with pergola

4. Prioritise Paw Safety with Hidden Fasteners

Trex’s hidden fastening system secures deck boards from underneath, removing the risk of exposed nails or screws that could injure your pet. This system not only ensures a safer walking surface but also enhances the overall look of the deck with its clean, hardware-free appearance.

5. Create a Comfortable Retreat with a Pergola

Direct sunlight poses risks like heatstroke and dehydration to dogs. Installing a Trex Pergola™ can provide essential shade, making your deck a safe and enjoyable space for your dog to spend time outdoors.

6. Define Boundaries with Fencing

Extend the safe area beyond your deck with Trex fencing, providing your dog a larger but secure space to explore. Trex fencing is as durable as it is stylish, requiring minimal upkeep so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors with your pet.

Design Your Ideal Pet-Friendly Deck with Trex

With Trex, designing a deck that caters to the safety and comfort of your pets is straightforward. From scratch-resistant decking to comfortable, cool surfaces and stylish pergolas, Trex ensures your outdoor space is both beautiful and functional. Embrace the ease and assurance of a Trex deck, where you and your pets can relax and enjoy the great outdoors together.

Garden decking around a pond with fish

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