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ArborGrip by Arbordeck offers the ideal solution for any spaces that require extra grip properties – whether that’s steps or ramps, or a full deck in a high traffic environment such as a school.

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Low-slip wood decking
Low-slip wood decking

Enhanced grip where you need it most

ArborGrip low-slip inserts utilise aggregate with a granular size of between 0.9mm and 1.1mm, with a Mohs hardness level of nine – a scale where 10 is the highest. These inserts are applied to grooved timber decking profiles which reduces the risk of slipping when walking on a level surface.

Two Strip Grooved Enhanced Grip Board

Two Strip Grooved Enhanced Grip Board

Two Strip Grooved Thinline Enhanced Grip Board

Two Strip Grooved Thinline Enhanced Grip Board

ArborGrip is a flexible mix of modified two-part polyurethane resin and bauxite aggregate.

Unlike most similar products ArborGrip features the latest resin technologies, offering two major benefits.

Firstly, it allows the resin to bend and flex with the timber as it moves in use, and expands and contracts as moisture levels change through the seasons. This means the resin is highly durable and compatible with extreme temperatures – ensuring anti-slip properties under a variety of conditions and for the lifespan of the timber decking.

Secondly, it offers quicker and easier installation as the product can generally be cut on site using regular hand tools rather than specialist tungsten carbide rotary saws. This is also significant for the health and safety considerations of a project, as it reduces noise, dust and sparks.

Independently tested

ArborGrip low-slip decking products have been independently tested and approved in accordance with British Standard BS 7976: 2002. The manufacturing process has also been independently QA audited and is compliant with ISO 9001: 2016.

Pendulum Test Value (PTV)

A PTV test is designed to replicate a pedestrian’s heel under various conditions, at the point of a heel striking the surface which is when a slip is most likely to occur.

ArborGrip has undergone PTV testing, and has been awarded a score of 71 – and with any PTV score of over 36 recognised as ‘low slip potential’, you can be confident in putting safety first.

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ArborGrip specification sheet


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