Trex Fixing Systems

The Trex® range of fixing accessories has been selected to provide flexibility for each and every project with a choice of fixings to suit a range of different uses and applications. They are designed to match the superior performance of Trex® decking and to ensure an easy install whether you decide on a traditional face fix or a screwless finish.

Hidden fastener detail
Trex deck installation

Trex Hideaway® Secret Fixing System - for grooved edge boards

Black Trex universal clip on a white background

Universal clip

Simple-to-use self-gapping clip attaches two groove boards together and achieves a screwless finish alongside consistent spacing. It features a pre-set stainless steel screw for increased durability. This method is only suitable for grooved boards on a timber substructure. A glass filled nylon screw is also available for metal substructures, ask for more information.

Metal starter clip on a white background

Starter clip

These black, stainless steel fixings are used to install the perimeter deck boards. They are only required with grooved boards. It features a stainless steel screw for increased durability. A glass filled nylon screw is also available for metal substructures, ask for more information.

Trex transcend Tiki Torch close up
Tiki Torch Deckfast fascia screws

Face-fixing options – for square edge boards

Pro Plug Composite Deck Screw

Pro Plug® Composite Deck Screw

A superior easy-to-install plug fastening system for an invisible face fix. The system includes epoxy coated carbon steel screws, a colour matched deck plug to provide an invisible finish and a PvC tool which drives screws to the correct depth without stripping the screw recess or damaging the deck board surface.

Colour match composite deck screws

Colour Match Composite Deck Screws

These epoxy coated steel screws are used to install the square edge deck boards for a traditional face-fix. They are colour matched and come in three colours: Dark Brown (for use with Vintage Lantern, Lava Rock and Spiced Rum), Grey (for use with Gravel Path, Island Mist and Pebble Grey) and Light Brown (for use with Tiki Torch and Torino Brown).

Gravel Path deckfast fascia screws

Deckfast® Fascia Screws

These colour match screws are designed to accommodate the expansion and contraction that can occur with fascia boards. They are installed using the pre-drilling fascia tool which is available separately – see below.

Deckfast fascia tool

Deckfast® Fascia Tool

The pre-drilling deckfast® tool creates an over-sized hole for the fascia screw, so that the fascia board hangs from the screw and can expand and contract without putting a large amount of force on the fastener.

Trex groove cutter

Groove Cutter

Trex square edge boards require traditional screws for installation. However, a Trex hideaway groove cutter can be used to route a groove into the side of any traditional board to accommodate the hidden fastening system. This is ideal for starter boards and steps.

Useful Resources

Secret-fix solution for Trex transcend composite fascia

Secret-Fix Fascia Fixing System


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