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ArborFence composite fencing—a perfect balance of aesthetic charm and sustainability. Crafted from 95% recycled wood and plastic material, ArborFence offers an attractive finish, low maintenance, and lasting durability. Redefine your outdoor space with the optimal solution for high-quality exterior fencing. Discover the beauty of ArborFence and enhance your fencing experience with sustainable excellence.

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ArborFence combines the appearance of traditional wood fencing with the durability of composite – meaning painting, staining and replacing parts are a thing of the past. Our ArborFence products are available in three beautiful colours – light grey, dark grey and dark brown – with an attractive brushed surface finish. Plus, with ultra-violet resistance meaning it minimises fade from sun exposure as well as the promise of a low maintenance yet long lasting solution, you can enjoy ArborFence for years to come.

*Manufacturer warranty is subject to terms and conditions, contact us for full details.

ArborFence 5pc Fence Panels with Top

20mm x 150mm x 1730mm (top panel 20mm x 160mm x 1730mm)

ArborFence 6pc Fence Panels

20mm x 150mm x 1730mm

ArborFence Composite Post Cap

110mm x 110mm x 43mm

ArborFence Composite Post with 3pc Strips

100mm x 100mm x 2500mm

ArborFence is available in three colours with an attractive brushed surface finish

All colours shown are representative, for more detail on colour weathering see below. Please request a sample before ordering.

Light Grey

Dark Grey

Dark Brown

Colour weathering

The time and degree of the weathering process depends on exposure to UV light. Fencing that has less exposure to sunlight may take longer to fade. Due to the nature and process of producing composite materials it should be expected that colour variation between ArborFence components may occur and in some cases may be significant.

ArborFence is produced from a variety of recycled plastic and wood fibres that may absorb pigments differently. Colour variation does not affect the integrity of the product. The colourisation process during manufacturing deliberately over-pigments the product to ensure the final weathered colour is achieved when it has faded.

All three colours of ArborFence will lighten over time and some of the colour variation may become less noticeable. However weathering will not eliminate all variation. To minimise the appearance of the variation, extra care should be taken to install similarly pigmented pickets within a given lot code close together, where possible.

Light Grey

Dark Grey

Dark Brown


How do you install ArborFence?

Our installation guide provides everything you need to know, here.

Is there any colour difference in ArborFence boards?

ArborFence composite boards are made from 60 per cent recycled hardwood materials. Due to this being a natural product, there is a possibility for slight colour disparities. To avoid this as much as possible, we advise purchasing boards in the same lengths and order in the correct amount, to ensure they are all are picked from the same batch.

What is the life span of ArborFence?

ArborFence comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty on all extrusion fencing and 25 years on all co-extrusion fencing, resulting peace of mind with your purchase. It is expected that the composite fencing will last longer than the warranty.

Will sun exposure make ArborFence fade?

The technology used to produce ArborFence ensures Ultra Violet resistance. These have been tested using direct UV for hundreds of hours with minimal change.

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ArborFence installation guide


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