Have a niggling question about your decking project? The FAQs here at Arbordeck aim to answer the how, what, where and when of decking.

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Can decking be used on a sloping site?

Yes – one of the main advantages of decking against other landscaping materials such as a patio is that you can build a deck on a sloping site. If you build your deck on support posts you can reclaim land that was otherwise uninhabitable.

Can decking be used next to my fishpond?

Yes. The preservative used to protect Arbordeck components reacts with the timber structure to become locked in and leach resistant. Prior to installation, ensure the timber is free from surface deposits, e.g. sawdust.

I'm not sure where best to site a deck in my garden - can someone advise me on various designs and costs?

If you take along the measurements of your garden, Arbordeck distributors will be able to advise you of various options and costs to suit your budget.

Do I need a specialist installer to build my deck?

Building a deck requires basic DIY skills – if you can drill holes, tighten screws and bolts, read a spirit level and use a saw, you will have no problems.

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How should deck boards be fastened?

Deck boards should be attached to the structure underneath using screws or ironmongery specifically for decking. Arbordeck decking products include a wide range of galvanised and stainless steel fixings for use with Osmose Naturewood treated timber. These fixings will provide a long service life to match the treated timber.

Why do I need to leave a space between deck boards?

As timber is a natural product, it can move slightly when exposed to the weather. This is why it is recommended that you leave a small gap between deck boards – anything from 3mm to 10mm will be sufficient.

Will my deck require any maintenance?

We recommend cleaning with a stiff brush to remove debris. The regular application of a protective treatment, such as SEASONITE or TEXTROL as recommended by the manufacturer, will help to protect your deck against the elements.

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Doesn't decking become slippery in wet weather conditions?

Timber is not inherently slippery, but as with any other outside surface, a build up of debris can leave a slippery surface coating. We recommend a good regular clean up of your deck to prevent problems. A suitable anti-slip product or our enhanced grip deck board can be used in high traffic areas such as steps and doorways.

Are there any regulations governing decking?

Although there is no specific legislation for decking at the moment, any construction is covered by Building Regulations. The Timber Decking Association, the decking industry’s professional body, is responsible for recommending best practices.

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In addition, large or unusual deck structures may be subject to planning permission in your local area, so check with your local council.

Can decking be used on a roof, eg. on top of a garage?

Many people enjoy a deck-based roof garden or terrace. However, we strongly recommend that you consult a structural engineer before planning a high level or roof level deck. They will be able to determine whether or not the existing sub-structure is suitable and also if it will be able to support the proposed deck.

Is timber decking harmful to the environment?

No – we import all Arbordeck timber from countries and suppliers that meet UN requirements for proper management of forest resources, including vast replanting schemes. Man-made materials can cause much greater damage to the environment during production processes.

There is a drain in our garden that we occasionally need to access - does this mean that we cannot have a deck?

Not at all. Due to the versatility of timber decking, a hinged panel can be used to cover the drain and allow access when required.

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