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Getting to know our TrexPro® Gold installers

Trex multi level deck used for dining area - Simon Thomas

Since we launched the TrexPro® scheme in the UK last year, over 25 professional installers have joined the scheme.

So we’re getting to know our Gold installers a little better – and we started by talking to Simon Thomas, a Swansea-based Trex specialist with a host of five-star reviews to his name.

I installed my first Trex deck around four years ago – it was a small job, but immediately I could tell that this was a high-quality product. Since that first deck, Trex has changed my whole business and in the past year I have become a full-time Trex installer.

Why Trex is the gold standard for decking

Trex is ideally suited to the UK: we’re a nation of garden-lovers, but no one wants to spend our rare sunny days cleaning, sanding and staining their deck. A Trex deck gives people the chance to enjoy their outdoor space without having to spend hours maintaining it too!

Installing decking used to be a seasonal trend, but the demand for Trex has changed the game – and as Trex boards are weatherproof, there’s no need for customers to worry about warping or rotting.  Unlike some other composite decking brands, Trex boards are solid which means they don’t split, and I can honestly say that I have never been called back to a Trex deck by an unhappy customer.

When I heard about the TrexPro scheme, I immediately wanted to sign up, and thanks to the number of decks I have installed, and the number of happy customers, I quickly achieved Gold status. Lots of customers find my name through the TrexPro scheme, so it’s certainly changed my business.

The TrexPro scheme offers a lot of reassurance to customers – after all, Trex is a long-term investment, so homeowners want to know that they are getting a quality installation to match the quality of the product. As a TrexPro Gold installer, not only can they see my past work before they pick up the phone, I can register their warranty so they know their deck is built to last.

Trex multi level deck - Simon Thomas

TrexPro’s making the decking dream a reality

As people become more familiar with what Trex can offer, my work has become more complex, with people requesting a variety of shapes, colours and designs. Often my customers take inspiration from Pinterest, so come to me with a good idea of what they want to create – and I’ve never yet failed to meet the brief!

The beauty of Trex is that it’s so versatile, which means that I can always find a creative solution to customers’ requests. Whether it’s planters, benches or even bridges, I can incorporate stand-out Trex features so the finished deck looks simply beautiful. I’ve created eye-catching shapes and patterns using different colours, including a couple of curved designs.

While I have worked on some expansive decks, often it’s the smaller designs which are the most challenging. I’ve worked on several balcony projects, which present a real technical challenge as the Trex boards must be fitted onto a steel frame – it’s time-consuming, but the finished product makes the work worthwhile.


Setting the right tone

Island Mist has certainly been the colour of the year for my customer: I’m based in Swansea, my work takes me as far as Bristol and Weston-super-Mare, and Island Mist has proved to be incredibly popular for those with seaside homes.

But those with larger spaces tend to favour the rich, warm brown tones such as Spiced Rum and Tiki Torch. Larger decks allow more space for creativity as there’s scope to add character by creating shapes or adding contrasting borders.

I’m also very interested in Rope Swing, which is currently available in the USA and on trial here in the UK – it’s a light, sandy colour that works perfectly with brick homes and rattan or hardwood garden furniture, and it makes a great neutral backdrop for colourful plants.

Trex is a fantastic material – it’s easy to work with and versatile, and my customers can be assured that they’ll get a great finish every time. The reviews on my TrexPro Gold profile speak for themselves, with five-star reviews from every customer.

I’d never hesitate to recommend Trex decking, and thanks to my Gold status I know that I’m a recommended installer too!

For more information on Simon Thomas Carpentry, visit his website or find Simon on Facebook.

Don’t forget you can order your Trex Inspiration sample pack here.

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