Fixings & finishes

Here at Arbordeck, we know the finishing touches for your decking are just as important as picking the correct deck boards to match the design of your outdoor space.

Timber deck fixings
Painted smooth deck boards creates a bold statement

However, you shouldn’t forget that decking fixings and finishes are exposed to the elements as well as wear just as much as the boards themselves. Therefore, choosing the correct items is paramount when it comes to avoiding unsightly rust stains and seeing fixings fail prematurely.

Make sure all joint hangers, angle brackets, post bases, nails, framing anchors, deck ties and screws are corrosion resistant.

In addition, a clear wax coating can be used to repel water and decrease water absorption. This will reduce the risk of timber expanding and cracking.

Staining is another method for protecting your decking from the elements, though this technique is also great for enhancing the overall appearance of your decking. A diverse range of protective coatings can be used on timber deck surfaces, but care should always be taken to ensure the one you apply is suitable for outdoor use.

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