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Timber vs Composite Decking: Understanding the Differences

Biscayne - Trex Transcend® Lineage™ decking with Trex Signature Railing Glass

The decking market in the UK is experiencing a surge in interest, particularly with the advent of composite decking. While timber decking continues to hold a significant share of the market, the benefits of composite decks are capturing the attention of timber merchants, design magazines, and even radio presenters across… Read More

Preparing Your Garden for Summer with Trex Composite Decking

Biscayne - Trex Transcend® Lineage™ decking with Trex Signature Railing Glass

As summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to revitalise your garden and decking for entertaining and relaxation. Teaming up with landscape experts, Trex, the leader in composite decking, offers a practical checklist to transform your garden into a perfect summer retreat. Lawn Care Tips for the Warmer Months Expert landscaper… Read More

How to Clean Trex Composite Decking: Essential Care & Maintenance Tips

Jasper Trex Transcend Lineage composite decking

Introduction: Are you searching for the best way to maintain your Trex composite decking? At Arbordeck, we understand the importance of preserving the aesthetic and longevity of your investment. This detailed guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to clean your Trex decking, ensuring it remains a highlight of your outdoor… Read More

How to Pet-Proof Your Composite Decking

Garden decking with dog

Like their human counterparts, dogs love spending time outdoors. Whether it’s a game of fetch or some frisbee fun, it’s vital to make sure your composite decking is safe for every member of the family, including the furry ones. We’ve compiled six essential features every dog owner should consider to… Read More

Find Trex Composite Decking Near You

Trex Lineage decking in Jasper with pergola

If you’re thinking about enhancing your garden or patio, Arbordeck seamlessly connects you with Trex composite decking through our extensive network of stockists and merchants across the UK. Why  Choose Trex Composite Decking? Trex decking combines visual appeal with durability and ease of maintenance. Comprising 95% recycled materials, it embodies… Read More

Composite Decking: Transforming British Gardens Post-Pandemic

Trex Signature decking in Whidbey, couple sat around fire pit on composite decking relaxing

With nearly half of British households spending more time in their gardens post-pandemic, outdoor spaces have become crucial extensions of the home. According to a survey conducted by Trex ahead of National Gardening Week 2024, the interest in outdoor living has surged, particularly among younger demographics. Here’s why composite decking,… Read More

Create a Family-Friendly Outdoor Space with Durable Trex Composite Decking

Child playing on Trex composite decking

Transforming your garden into a safe, stylish, and sustainable environment is a priority for many homeowners. With Trex Composite Decking, you can meet all these needs, offering a perfect blend of durability, low maintenance, and eco-friendly features. Here’s how Trex Composite Decking can turn your outdoor area into an ideal… Read More

Get Your Garden Spring-Ready with Trex Composite Decking

Jasper Trex Transcend Lineage composite decking

As the days begin to stretch and the chilly grip of winter loosens, our thoughts naturally turn to the vibrant outdoors. Spring is the perfect season to breathe new life into your garden, and what better way to enhance your outdoor living space than with Trex composite decking? Renowned for… Read More

Trex Signature Sets New Standard for Outdoor Living

Trex Signature composite decking in Whidbey next to a lake at sunset

We’re delighted to announce that, as Trex’s UK distribution partner, we’re able to supply Signature – Trex’s new premier collection. Marking a watershed moment for the decking industry, Trex Signature establishes the next category of composite decking, pioneering a whole new level of aesthetic authenticity.  Using a notably different process… Read More

Why Railings Make a Great Addition to Decking

Trex composite decking with Trex signature glass railing in black

Spring is in the air, signalling not only the start of warmer and lighter days but also the beginning of the traditional decking season. Now is a great time to invest in enhancing your outdoor space, and decking offers a fantastic solution thanks to its versatility and, particularly in the… Read More

Trex Composite Decking: Your Ultimate Guide

Garden Trex composite decking in the UK with decking lighting

Embark on a journey to redefine outdoor living with Trex composite decking. From its unparalleled durability to effortless maintenance and captivating aesthetics, Trex decking promises to elevate your outdoor space with style and sustainability. Let’s explore why Trex is the top choice for composite decking enthusiasts. Why Trex Composite Decking… Read More

Enhance Your Garden Retreat: Trex Composite Decking Ideas

Trex decking balcony

In the realm of outdoor living, Trex Composite Decking stands as a leader in style and innovation. With a plethora of captivating design ideas, Trex decks can effortlessly transform any garden space into a serene retreat. Let’s explore some inspiring composite decking ideas to elevate your garden oasis. Natural Wood… Read More

Composite Decking – Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Trex

Curved Trex composite decking

In the realm of outdoor living, Trex Composite Decking reigns supreme as the go-to solution for transforming your backyard into a stunning retreat. Discover why Trex stands out in the world of composite decking, offering unrivaled durability, style, and eco-consciousness. Why Opt for Composite Decking? Composite decking represents a modern… Read More

Spotlight on Trex Transcend Lineage

Trex Transcend Lineage decking on rooftop

2024 is set to be another exciting year for our partnership with Trex, the world’s number 1 composite decking brand. Trex will, as always, remain at the forefront of the latest industry trends and developments this year – and we’re looking forward to sharing the latest updates over the coming… Read More

Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Perfect Garden Decking

Trex Enhance® Decking in Calm Water Installed by: SB Decking

Transforming your garden into a delightful outdoor oasis can be achieved with the right decking boards, such as Trex. Explore how to elevate your outdoor living space with stylish and functional garden decking tailored to the UK climate. Your garden serves as an extension of your home, offering a serene… Read More

Five ways to create a future-proof deck

Brown composite decking in garden

Despite being outside of the traditional ‘decking season’, some installers are still seeing their books fill up at this time of year, thanks to the enduring popularity of decking as a way to transform an outdoor space. The decision between timber vs composite further influences this trend. This trend is… Read More

Four Common Composite Decking Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Composite decking from leading brands like Trex is an increasingly popular choice for transforming outdoor spaces thanks to the multitude of benefits it offers, from durability and minimal maintenance to sustainability and versatility. While it can provide a fantastic alternative to traditional timber decking, it’s important for specifiers, landscapers and… Read More

The ultimate guide to Trex composite decking: UK 2024 edition

2023 was another inspiring year for us here at Arbordeck, and we’re delighted to have further strengthened our longstanding relationship with Trex. From hosting joint events to our ongoing support of the TrexPRO scheme, we’re proud of our partnership with Trex and the way this enables us to supply our… Read More

Winter-Proof Your Deck: A Guide to Trex Composite Decking

Trex Snow

As winter settles in, decking enthusiasts face the challenge of maintaining their outdoor spaces under a blanket of snow. Fear not! Our guide explores how Trex Composite Decking transforms the winter deck game, ensuring durability, beauty, and minimal maintenance. Let’s dive into the ultimate guide for a winter-ready Trex deck…. Read More

A day and night to remember with Trex and Arbordeck

We’re always thrilled to share our passion for Trex and outdoor living with others in the industry who feel the same, so we were delighted to be able to host an event to remember earlier this month. Attended by some of our highly valued customers, ‘Arbor Forest Products: a night… Read More

A contemporary touch: modern decking designs

Trex composite decking ideas, curve decking, modern decking.

Modern decking remains a popular addition to both private and commercial properties thanks to the variety of benefits it can offer. From extending the existing living space and encouraging more time being spent outdoors to potentially adding significant value to the property, decking can be a fantastic investment. One of… Read More

Winter ready decking: Four steps to getting winter ready.

Although winter is fast approaching its important to think about winter ready decking, so that decking can be enjoyed even in the colder and darker months. When quality decking boards are used and properly maintained, with the addition of useful extra features, it’s easy to make the most of decking… Read More

100 Trex Show Decks: Exploring the World of Composite Decking

This month, we are thrilled to mark a significant achievement by unveiling our 100th Trex show deck. This celebration is all about shining a spotlight on the world of composite decking and the boundless possibilities it offers. Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to bring these show decks to builders’… Read More

Deck drainage systems: Everything you need to know

Trex composite decking lifestyle

Building a deck remains one of the most popular home improvement projects, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it extend living space and allow homeowners to make the most of their gardens, but it can also add significant value to a property. Whether a deck comprises traditional timber… Read More

Trex Protect Joist Tape: the smart choice

Trex protect joist tape

With the colder months fast approaching, it’s important to take steps to protect your deck from harsh weather conditions such as rain and wind. There are several ways to weatherproof your deck so that you can enjoy it for longer, including the application of joist tape. Not everyone is familiar… Read More

Decking Dilemma: Timber vs. Composite for Your Garden

As we embrace the decking season, the allure of garden decking continues to captivate homeowners and business proprietors. Garden decking not only bolsters property value but also extends living spaces into the great outdoors, offering an adaptable solution. From classic timber to innovative Trex composite decking, boasting a broad spectrum… Read More

Building decking into your outdoor living plans

Garden composite decking

In the winter months you may neglect the outdoors thanks to the cold and the rain but with spring only a few months away, now is the time to start thinking about enjoying the outdoors again. And what better way to enjoy the weather taking a more positive turn than… Read More

Five tips for cleaning your composite deck

Brush cleaning a deck

When it comes to timber vs composite decking, many opt for the latter due to its durability, colour retention, and durability. Another bonus of these high-quality decks is that they never need to be sanded or re-stained. However, that doesn’t mean composite decking doesn’t need a little TLC to keep itself—and… Read More

The results are in: announcing the winners of the 2022 Arbordeck Awards

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of the 2022 Arbordeck Awards, including the results of the first ever public vote in celebration of the awards’ fifth anniversary. Kent-based Browns Landscape and Decking scooped the top Deck of the Year prize, which includes a money-can’t-buy trip for two to Washington, D.C…. Read More

Merchants Tread the Boards With New Trex Show Decks

Trex show deck

This month we’re celebrating the installation of our 75th Trex ‘show deck’, which we have been rolling out at builders’ merchants across the country. Created and installed by our expert team, the show decks are designed to provide merchants’ customers – homeowners and decking installers alike – with inspiration and… Read More

Three Reasons to Join Us at FutureScape 2022

FutureScape 2022 is fast approaching, and we can’t wait to come together with fellow industry experts at the UK’s largest landscaping expo. There’s always lots going on throughout the two-day event, including seminars and exhibitors from leaders across the landscaping industry. We’re proud to be stepping up our presence at… Read More

Arbordeck Awards 2022: Have your say

Since the Arbordeck Awards launched five years ago, the standard of entries we receive has continued to increase year on year – and we’re delighted to say that 2022 is no exception. Our judges have once again been faced with a difficult task in determining the shortlist for each category,… Read More

Arbordeck Awards 2022: Meet our judges

The fifth annual Arbordeck Awards are now in full swing, and we’re excited to have seen a range of fantastic Trex decking projects already. We announced last month that for the first time ever, some categories will be opened up to public vote – but as always, our judging panel… Read More

Arbordeck Awards return with fifth anniversary twist

We’re thrilled to announce the return of the Arbordeck Awards for 2022, and it’s a special year for us: we’re celebrating the event’s milestone fifth anniversary. As well as the introduction of two new categories, we’re excited to be opening the awards to a public vote for the first time… Read More

Five ways to style your Trex® Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen

Spring has finally sprung, which means it’s time to make the most of the great outdoors again. There are countless ways Trex composite decking can transform an outside space, and we’re delighted to introduce Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™: the perfect way to take your deck to the next level. Promising the… Read More

How to get the best result when washing your deck

Decking with brush

As you spend more and more time on your outdoor deck, you’ll notice some changes. Things can start to accumulate, whether it’s leaves and debris piling up in the corner, light spots surrounding your planters and pots, or drips and spills by the barbecue. You’ll want to get rid of… Read More

2021 Arbordeck Awards: winners revealed

Arbordeck Awards at FutureScape 2021

After 18 months of restrictions, it was fantastic to have so many talented landscapers back together under one roof at FutureScape 2021 for the Arbordeck Awards 2021. And we’re particularly pleased that the event taking place at the ExCeL London meant that we were able to host the 2021 Arbordeck… Read More

What to look out for from us at FutureScape 2021

Trex stand at Futurescape

The 2021 Arbordeck Awards shortlist has now been announced, after we received a record-breaking 150 entries – an approximately 75 per cent increase from 2020 and we cant wait for FutureScape. Not only did we receive a high number of entries this year, but they were also of an incredibly… Read More

Announcing the 2021 Arbordeck Awards shortlist

Arbordeck Awards 2021 - shortlist announced

The Arbordeck Awards have once again proved popular among decking installers throughout the UK, with over 100 entries across all seven categories. As always, the standard of entries this year was incredibly high – meaning it hasn’t been an easy decision for our panel of judges. But after much deliberation,… Read More

Discover Trex decking on our NBS Source profile

Trex decking with modern garden structure

The construction industry is constantly evolving and recent years have seen an increasing demand for more collaboration, both within the industry and between suppliers and manufacturers, with an emphasis on a unified approach to providing product information. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that we’re now listed on NBS Source… Read More

Trex composite decking: what you need to know

Mat on Trex Transcend Island Mist

This year has seen the demand for Trex composite decking continue to soar as installers and homeowners alike increasingly recognise the benefits of this alternative to traditional timber decking. From its sustainability credentials to the ease of installation it promises, it’s easy to see why more people are choosing Trex…. Read More

How to create an award-winning deck

Island Mist with glass railings

Entries to the 2021 Arbordeck Awards are now closed and we’re delighted to have received more than 100 submissions, with many fantastic decking projects which showcase the skills and talent of installers from across the UK. There’s not long left until the winners of the Arbordeck Awards are announced at… Read More

Five reasons to enter the Arbordeck Awards this year

Arbordeck Awards - Enter now

The Arbordeck Awards are back in full swing, and we’ve already received lots of exceptional decking projects from all corners of the country. If you’re planning on entering the awards but haven’t yet, there’s still time to submit your best decking projects with entries open until the 20th September. But… Read More

Meet the 2021 Arbordeck Awards judges

Meet the Judges for the Arbordeck Awards 2021

The Arbordeck Awards are back for 2021 and we’re delighted to have already received lots of fantastic entries – and we know there will be plenty more to come before the entry deadline on the 20th September. As well as being able to host the awards in person again later… Read More

Arbor Forest Products launches Trex digital asset library

Asset library website

We’re delighted to be launching our industry-leading digital asset library for Trex and our complementary products, providing stockists with easy access to media such as images, brochures and technical information following feedback from merchants keen to offer their customers a better digital service.  Our team has worked hard to create… Read More

Trex steps up UK presence with Cedar Nursery show deck

Homeowners searching for outdoor inspiration should look no further than the brand new Trex® show deck and showroom at Cedar Nursery in Cobham, Surrey. The show deck is a collaboration between the prestigious nursery, which specialises in stylish products for modern outdoor living and Arbor Forest Products.  The show deck… Read More

Introducing our CPD course for design professionals

AFP CPD course

As a professional architect, landscaper or garden designer, it’s natural to want to use the best product for the job to ensure customer satisfaction. But with so many types of decking now available, it can be difficult to know where to start and which to choose – particularly when it… Read More

The Arbordeck Awards are back – and bigger than ever

Trex decking with dining table and seating area in sunny forest.

Since we launched them in 2018, the Arbordeck Awards have been an annual celebration of the very best of decking across the country. The awards showcase the work of talented installers from all corners of the UK whose enthusiasm and skills help to bring their customers’ visions to life. The… Read More

Three things to look out for in the new Trex brochure

Trex brochure cover

Spring is here and the 2021 decking season is now in full swing. Decking continues to be a popular choice for homeowners looking to make the most of their outdoor space, and composite decking in particular is becoming increasingly sought after thanks to its durability and lower impact on the… Read More

Congratulations to APL award-winner Artisan Landscapes

APL Awards 2021 Logo

As part of our commitment to uplifting and promoting the landscaping sector in the UK, we were proud to give our backing to this year’s Association of Professional Landscapers Awards. We sponsored the ‘Project Value £80,000 to £100,000’ category at this year’s event, which was hosted virtually on 12th March… Read More

Five Reasons To Install Trex This Decking Season

Trex Clam Shell decking

The arrival of spring means it’s time to start making the most of the outdoors again, and one of the most popular ways to do this is through the installation of decking. Decking has plenty of benefits, which is why it has continued to grow in popularity since the 1990s… Read More

Marie Boosts Marketing Division

Marie Ennals

With a busy year ahead, we’re happy to say we have expanded our Trex business unit with the appointment of Marie Ennals as our new marketing manager. Marie is already working with our marketing and PR agencies to deliver impactful marketing strategies that will help us to cultivate a closer… Read More

Don’t Let Wood Rot Wreck Your Deck Foundation

As you dream of summer in the garden, consider how a new deck might add to the enjoyment of longer days in the sun. Imagine a lovely extension of your home in the perfect colour, featuring sleek rails and sophisticated lighting. The roses are in full bloom and the air… Read More

How to prepare your deck for spring

Trex deck path with bench through a green bushy garden with rope railings

The days are already beginning to get noticeably longer, which is a sure sign that spring is on its way. Spring signals the start of being able to make the most of decking spaces again after having less chance to use them during the cold, dark and wet winter months,… Read More

Decking trends in 2021: our top five predictions

It’s no secret that there was a huge demand for home improvement works during 2020, and this trend looks set to continue this year. Not only are homeowners wanting to spruce up the inside of their homes, but they’re also wanting to make the most of their outdoor space –… Read More

Behind the scenes at the 2020 Arbordeck Awards

Arbordeck Awards behind the scenes

We’re delighted to have been able to bring 2020 to a close on a high thanks to another successful Arbordeck Awards – with a new record of 84 entries across all categories. Of course, the 2020 Arbordeck Awards had to be held virtually due to the ongoing pandemic but despite… Read More

A new vision for Trex in the UK

Jonathon Cooper

There are exciting times on the horizon for Trex, as we have created a dedicated composite decking business unit, and the appointment of Jonathan Cooper as business manager for the division. Under Jonathan’s guidance, our aim is for Trex to become the UK’s leading composite decking brand, mirroring its position… Read More

The 2020 Arbordeck Awards go virtual

Arbordeck awards 2020. we're going virtual!

With new government measures now in place, FutureScape will be held virtually this year which means that the 2020 Arbordeck Awards will also be taking place online on 17th November. Although FutureScape will look a little different this year, it will still give those who work within the landscaping industry… Read More

Arbordeck Awards: How to impress the judges

Meet the judges

With the Arbordeck Awards back for 2020, now’s the time to enter your stand-out decking project to be in with the chance of taking home one of the titles from the five categories – and even the prestigious ‘Deck of the Year’ award, which will be decided on by our… Read More

The Arbordeck Awards are back for 2020

Enter the arbordeck awards now

With so many people using the lockdown period as an opportunity to make home improvements, decking installers have experienced an incredibly busy decking season which looks set to continue later into the year. And it’s been great to see installers helping each other out during these unprecedented times, including those… Read More

Under the spotlight: How Trex lighting can transform your deck

Trex deck surrounding a hot tub with lighting

Your deck is an expression of your personal style, whether you prefer a classic, inspired-by-nature look or a bold, modern style, the Trex range allows you to fully customise your deck. Thanks to the launch of the Trex Outdoor Lighting Range earlier this year, there are now more opportunities to make… Read More

How to buy the perfect deck

Lounge area using Trex Transcend Gravel Path

A recent study by Aviva showed that a massive 85 per cent of UK residents have undertaken some kind of home improvement project during the COVID-19 lockdown – and 52 per cent of people have spent time improving their garden. We’ve felt the impact too, with requests for samples of… Read More

Three ways to get your garden ready for summer

Trex deck with garden furniture

Known for their love of outdoor spaces – despite the unpredictable weather – recent years have seen Brits start to use their gardens as an extension of their indoor living area, with popular interior trends now making their way outside. Nights are getting lighter and summer is now in sight,… Read More

North Spas Go West

The North Spas team infront of The Whitehouse.

When North Spas won the inaugural Arbordeck Awards back in 2018, the company’s prize included a four-day trip for two people to the US capital, Washington DC – complete with a visit to the Trex University in Virginia. North Spas directors Davy and Heather Mason have recently returned from their… Read More

Behind the scenes at the Arbordeck Awards

Simon Thomas receiving the Best of Trex award at the Arbordeck Awards 2019

This year saw dozens of entries to the expanded Arbordeck Awards, with Simon Thomas Decking taking the coveted ‘Deck of the Year’ award for his Bryntirion project. We caught up with Arbordeck Awards judge Alan Hodkinson to learn more about how the judging panel came to their decision. The secret… Read More

Arbordeck Awards 2019 shortlist revealed

Arbordeck Awards shortlist announced

Yet again the Arbordeck Awards have proved to be a resounding success, with dozens of entries from decking installers the length and breadth of the country – and we’re proud and excited to reveal the 2019 category shortlists. The judges have narrowed down the shortlist to 15 installers across the… Read More

Trex: Our match made in eco-friendly heaven

Red accessories used alongside the grey tones of Trex Island Mist decking

As the desire for decking continues to grow, so does the public’s demand for sustainable products. Fortunately, we’re able to offer customers the perfect combination of the two, in the form of Trex composite decking, which offers a low maintenance decking solution. And not only is Trex low maintenance, it’s… Read More

Softwood decking and composite – can’t we all just get along?

Timber vs composite decking

The timber industry has long framed the landscaping market as a conflict between more traditional, earthy softwood decking and low-maintenance wood-effect composite options. As suppliers of both Arbordeck timber decking products and Trex Transcend and Trex Enhance composite decking, we’re ideally placed to settle this question once and for all…. Read More

It’s your last chance to enter the 2019 Arbordeck Awards


With a record number of entries already in all categories and the submissions deadline for 2019 Arbordeck Awards entries on Friday 27th September fast approaching, preparations for the ceremony are underway, and we’re taking a look back at last year’s award-winners. Scooping the top prize of Best of Trex in… Read More

How to make your deck shine for the Arbordeck Awards

Northspa's peffer showcase

We’re delighted to be bringing back the Arbordeck Awards this year, and as submissions start to ramp up, we’re sharing some top tips for creating a successful entry – and who better to give advice than 2018 Best of Trex winner, North Spas? Here, North Spas’ managing director Davy Mason… Read More

Sustainability in the garden

Collecting rain water in a barrel

Our gardens may feel like our own connections to nature, but are they as green as we think they are? With issues related to global warming dominating the news recently, we explain how you can make your garden as environmentally friendly as possible. Minimising water wastage Hosepipes use an average… Read More

3 reasons to Enhance your deck

Outdoor lounge decking area with integrated planter using Trex Enhance Calm Water

Earlier this year, we announced the expansion of our Trex decking collection to include the Enhance Basics and Enhance Naturals ranges, adding six new colour options to suit any outdoor space and budget. UK homeowners and businesses understand the benefits of Trex Transcend decking – and not just its durability… Read More

A professional’s guide to creating a beautiful outdoor space

Lucy's Garden - Royal Norfolk Show Garden 2019

As summer fast approaches, we asked Lucy from Lucy’s Garden, a Norfolk-based gardening services business, for her top tips on how to create the perfect outdoor space to suit you. Gardens are an extension of our homes and should offer a multipurpose space, where we can relax, dine and unwind…. Read More

Announcing the bigger and better Arbordeck Awards

The Arbordeck Awards 2019 Logo

Last year we invited decking installers from across the UK to show off their best work in the inaugural Arbordexperts Installer Awards. Newcastle-based hot-tub and Trex® decking specialists North Spas took the crown, with their inventive and beautiful Peffer project being named as Best Trex Deck – as well as… Read More

How to create an eco-friendly garden

Plastic bottle being used as a planter

More than ever before, we’re being urged to be more environmentally friendly. From food waste to energy consumption, the UK population is trying to make more responsible choices within the household – but how can you do your bit for the environment in your outdoor space and create an eco-friendly… Read More

Gardens across the world

Deck using Trex RainEscape® Deck Drainage System

We’re sure if you’ve been abroad you’ve marvelled at the buildings and how they differ from ours here in the UK, but have you ever stopped to look at the different ways people use their garden space overseas? Cultural differences are apparent in gardens as well as architecture, and it’s… Read More

Building an all weather deck

North Spa with Trex decking and canopy

In the UK, we experience around 106 days of rainfall on average each year, leaving just 259 days to make the most of our gardens! Gardening and spending time in your own outdoor space are proven to carry both physical and mental health benefits, but with more than 100 days… Read More

Trex-panding our composite decking collection

Trex Enhance Naturals in Calm Water

The first signs of spring are starting to show and as the days get longer and the sun starts to feel a little warmer, many people are already starting to dream of a brand new deck. And for anyone planning on upgrading their garden this spring, we have good news:… Read More


ProLandscapers awards - we've been shortlisted

We’re proud to have been shortlisted in the prestigious Pro Landscaper Business Awards! The awards highlight the landscape industry’s best companies, rewarding those which are raising the standard of the UK landscaping sector, including designers, suppliers, landscapers, and arboriculturalists. We’re in contention for the Supplier of the Year category, which… Read More


Northspa's peffer showcase

The long hot summer of 2018 meant that plenty of people were able to enjoy some quality time out on the decking, and we’re expecting to see plenty of homeowners and businesses looking to revamp their outdoor space if they missed out last year. In fact, the decking trend isn’t… Read More


Winner of Arbordexperts award shaking hands with Sarah Francis

If you’ve been following the Arbordexperts Installer Awards, you’ll know that North Spas took the ‘ Best of Trex ’ title with the phenomenal ‘Peffer’ project near Gateshead. North Spas impressed the judges with the creative use of Trex decking in this multi-level project, and the company’s directors, Davy and… Read More


Arbordexperts Installer Awards

Earlier this year we launched the Arbordexperts Installer Awards: a chance for Trex® installers across the UK to celebrate their best work, whether their decks were large or small, residential or commercial projects, and those tricky design challenges. Six months later and we’re just a few days away from crowning… Read More

Arbordexperts Trex Installer Awards:

Meet the Arbordexpert Judges

There’s still time to enter the Arbordexperts Trex Installer Awards, with two months left to submit your decks for consideration. To give you some tips, we’ve asked our judges exactly what they’re looking for from the entries. Read on to find out! ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ We’re lucky enough to have a diverse… Read More

Keep Cool on Your Deck When the Weather Hots Up

Trex decking with seats overlooking a large garden in summer

The longest day is behind us but the sunshine looks set to stick around a little bit longer, so here’s our suggestions for keeping cool on your deck when the heat is on! ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Sunny summer days are made for relaxing outdoors, and as parks and beer gardens around the… Read More


Arbordexperts installer awards 2018

In the 7 years since we first brought Trex® decking to the UK, it’s taken off in style – and the driving force behind this has been the enthusiastic and talented decking installers who make their customers’ dreams a reality. We wanted to celebrate the work of Trex installers across… Read More

Getting to know our TrexPro® Gold installers

Trex multi level deck used for dining area - Simon Thomas

Since we launched the TrexPro® scheme in the UK last year, over 25 professional installers have joined the scheme. So we’re getting to know our Gold installers a little better – and we started by talking to Simon Thomas, a Swansea-based Trex specialist with a host of five-star reviews to… Read More

Island Mist: our deck colour of the year

Trex composite decking in Island Mist

Meet Island Mist: our colour of the year. As gardens and terraces become extensions of our indoor spaces, the trend for cool, grey interiors has stepped out into the sun. Like any home improvement project, your decking is a reflection of your own personal style, whether you prefer traditional warm… Read More

How Trex decking is doing its best for the planet

Trex plastic bottle recycling

We often discuss the aesthetics of decking, and we also highlight the fact that the low-maintenance and durability of Trex is what attracts many people to composite options. But did you know that by installing a Trex deck, you are doing your part to save the planet too? Thanks to… Read More

The state of decking in 2017

Trex Decking Transcend Gravel Path used for a small raised decking area

As we come to the end of 2017, we’re looking back on another big year for decking. With a host of new products on the market there’s more choice for consumers than ever before, and the decking trend shows no signs of slowing. So what does the future hold? Decking… Read More

How to create a stunning centrepiece for your deck

Create a beautiful light-filled oasis with flush-mounted LEDs into Trex boards.

We all know that the character of gardens and outdoor space has changed dramatically in recent years, with gardens now seen as an extension of a property’s living space and a reflection of our lifestyles. We’re increasingly looking for more from our outdoor space: that’s why demand for outdoor hot… Read More

Check out our deck-orating tips!

Lounge area using Trex Transcend Gravel Path

Looking for inspiration on how to add personality to your deck? As we say goodbye to summer, many will be shutting the door on their decking for the season, covering over garden furniture and storing parasols until the sun returns. But if the change in the weather is getting you… Read More

Creating a tranquil oasis with Trex at BBC Gardeners World Live

Circular deck with canopy in Trex Transcend Island Mist by Halcyon Days Garden Designs with Composite Decking Boards

This summer our Trex decking was on display at BBC Gardeners’ World Live, hosted at The NEC, Birmingham. Our long-term collaborators Halcyon Days Garden Design created a tranquil garden oasis for the show – with our Trex Transcend Island Mist decking at the heart of the design. Here, Halcyon Days’… Read More

2017 Decking Trends

Trex Transcend in Tiki Torch with fish pond

Just like with interior design, trends come and go for outdoor spaces and for every style, there’s a decking shade that lends itself seamlessly. Whether you want a space to relax in, or one made for socialising with friends, it is imperative to find a design that will continue to… Read More

Is your deck safe for barbecue season?

Trex Contour in Pebble Grey

The summer is almost upon us and the tantalising smell of barbecued food is beginning to drift through the air across the UK. But before you invite the neighbours round for a cookout, it is vital to make sure your deck is ready to accommodate them. This is perhaps the… Read More

Five ways to spruce up your deck in time for summer

Summer BBQ on the deck

Summer is the time of year that decking really comes into its own, and if you’re like us you’ll want to ensure your deck is looking its absolute best when the warmer weather rolls around. Leaving your deck to gather dirt and debris during cold, wet months is an easy… Read More

How you can use decking to work wonders with water

Grooved decking with pond

The warmer months are a great time to add some water to your garden. Building a pond can bring a sense of calm and attract new wildlife, while a hot tub invariably makes your garden the place everyone wants to be. Stylistically and functionally, decking is an ideal material to… Read More

How a multi level deck can enhance your home

Decking on a sloping site creates more space to enjoy your garden

Decking can transform outdoor living spaces and have a similar impact to an extension on a house, and this effect is being taken to the next level with the installation of multi-level decking areas. There is a growing trend in the United States for multi-level decking that incorporates living spaces… Read More

How to set your deck apart from the rest

Spotlight used around composite decking water feature

In an earlier post, we looked at how directional board designs and the use of staining can help to give your deck a unique look. In this post, we go a little further and explore three more adventurous ways to make a deck unlike any other, by using curves, lighting… Read More

Fresh approaches to distinguished deck design

Trex Transcend boards in different directions - Herringbone

Developments in decking technology and materials over the last decade have opened up a world of possibility for anyone designing a deck. Back in the 1990s, most garden decks in the UK looked fairly similar, tending to be square or rectangular, constructed from standard hardwood decking boards, with few features… Read More

Considerations when creating public decking

Outside recreation area made from for customers

The popularity of decking in public spaces and commercial buildings has soared in recent years, but business owners mustn’t be too gung ho when installing a deck. The introduction of the smoking ban in 2007 turned the focus on creating improved outdoor spaces for a lot of UK businesses, and… Read More

Five ways to use your deck in winter

Spotlights used in decking area

The peak season for buying decking is in the early spring, when everyone is getting ready for the long summer evenings spent outdoors. When winter rolls around many decks are left neglected, but this really needn’t be the case. Your deck can be every bit as useful and enjoyable in… Read More

Decking maintenance tips

Cleaning a timber deck with a power washer

Decking maintenance is best done before the bad weather rolls in and, with autumn already upon us, it’s time to start getting the garden ready for winter. Whether your deck is brand new or a few years old, made of softwood, hardwood, or composite materials, you can help to extend… Read More

Don’t forget the deck substructure

Installing timber substructure

Whether you are planning to install a composite or timber deck, the products you select for the construction of your deck’s substructure are vital. If you are building your deck substructure yourself, you have probably already considered to the various materials available for a solid, lasting deck foundation. But even… Read More

Ten ways to make the most of your decking

Mat on Trex Transcend Island Mist

With the summer sun now daring to shine, you may well be inspired to spend some time out in the garden for the first time this year. Decking creates a great focal point for enjoying your garden; it provides a firm surface which is ideal for garden seating areas, BBQs… Read More

Timber and composite decking: what’s the difference?

timber vs composite

There has been plenty of hype about composite decking this year, with everyone from timber merchants, design magazines and radio presenters waxing lyrical about the growing trend to hit the UK decking market. Despite that, timber decking remains the dominant force, occupying around 95 per cent of the UK market… Read More

Introducing Trex Transcend Island Mist

Trex Transcend Island Mist close-up

The first application in the UK of Trex Transcend’s Island Mist finish, was installed by Whalley Construction this year. The new installation includes a contemporary glass and steel balustrade to allow uninterrupted views across the garden. Manufactured from 95% recycled materials, Trex Transcend is the most weather-resistant, low-maintenance composite decking… Read More

What is composite decking?

Trex transcend Island mist detail

Composite decking has increased in popularity in recent years, but just how does it compare to traditional timber decking? Introduced as a viable alternative to timber, composite decking can help to reduce or even eliminate the typical maintenance issues associated with traditional wooden decking. Manufactured from a mixture of recycled… Read More

The benefits of enhanced grip deck boards

Deck area using Two Strip Grooved Deck Boards

Enhanced grip boards, which are manufactured with a strip or strips of non-slip resin material on the surface, are used to provide protection for end users in high risk areas. So-called ‘slip-sensitive areas’ such as ramps and steps – as well as public access walkways – present a greater risk… Read More

Treating your softwood deck for extra longevity

End grain preservative being applied to cut timber

Softwood deck boards – which have been pre-treated to offer greater protection from the elements are an ideal choice, but how does this affect boards which have been cut to size or damaged in some way? Traditional timber decking is prone to damage from moisture, the sun’s UV rays and… Read More

How to clean garden decking

Timber decking boards create a space to relax

Cleaning your garden deck can seem like a daunting proposition but it needn’t be that way. With only a few tools and a bit of knowhow you can have your old deck looking nearly new in next to no time. Over the years spillages and general use can combine to… Read More

How to install Composite Decking

how to install composite decking, decking installation for composite decking

How to install composite decking Wondering how to install composite decking? Your composite decking might seem like something you’d want to leave to the professionals but we’ve put together a video that explains it might not be as tricky as you think! Trex Transcend is a type of composite decking… Read More

Trex Transcend explained

Balcony area in Gravel Path

Trex Transcend is an environmentally friendly composite decking system that could be the answer to all of your decking needs. But what does that mean? What is composite decking? Already used extensively throughout Europe and the USA, 95% of Trex Transcend composite decking is manufactured from recycled materials including plastic… Read More

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