Timber preservation

Here at Arbordeck, we understand timber preservation is a key consideration when it comes to decking projects. After all, you want peace of mind that your deck will continue to look good and be fit for purpose for many years after it was installed.

End grain preservative being applied to cut timber
High timber deck on a sloping site


Softwoods that are deemed to be non-durable or partially durable should be pre-treated industrially to increase their lifespan. All timbers likely to come into contact with either water or the ground need to be treated to Hazard Class 4 standard. This will promote long life for the timber even in wet conditions. For softwood timber preservation, components not in contact with the ground should meet Hazard Class 3 standard.

On-site cutting

End grain preservative should be used to treat timbers cut on site. You can find our Endcoat Wood Preservative in our diverse range of decking accessories.

Decking accessories

Make Sure It’s 4

The Make Sure It’s 4 logo raises awareness about the protection necessary for wood. Look out for it and the DeckMark logo — proof that the product has been assessed by the Timber Decking Association — when you buy your timber.

Make sure it's 4 and DeckMark logos


Naturewood is a proven timber preservative manufactured by global timber treatment leader Osmose. All timber used in Arbordeck components is pressure treated and impregnated with Naturewood, which provides long-term protection against fungal decay and termite infestation. Our timber also meets the high requirements required to qualify as Use Class 4 Standard. This means it is suitable for use in-ground with direct soil contact. Class 3 Standard timber is also available for out-of-ground use.

Osmose Naturewood logo

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