Building Regulations

If you are about to undertake a project and want to know of anything that could affect your plans this page outlines Building Regulations for decking. For more information please contact Arbordeck on 01469 532 300** or email us.

Decking area on a sloping garden
Garden with feature decking steps

It is rare for ground-level domestic decks to require planning permission. However, there are restrictions in place around England which state that the overall permitted surface of decking cannot be any more than 50 per cent of the total area of your garden.

Neighbours should also be informed of your home improvement plans before you get started on a project.

Decking building regulations apply when:

A highway is within 20 metres of where the decking is to be situated.

The platform for the decking is 300mm or more above ground level.

The decking would impact the amenity value and privacy of neighbouring properties.

The deck is located in a National Park Conservation or is to be attached to a listed building.

Need more information?

Have more queries about your upcoming decking project? Take a look at our handy FAQs on the topic. Alternatively, contact us over the phone on 01469 532 300** or email us.

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