Simple and regular decking maintenance can help prolong the life and appearance of your decking.

How to clean your timber deck

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Maintenance tips

Follow these simple tips put together by experts here at Arbordeck and enjoy the results for years to come:

Water repellent can be used to reduce the risk of small cracks appearing around your decking. This should ideally be applied every other year. Decorative staining may also need to be reapplied at regular intervals depending on the amount of wear and tear subjected to your decking, as well as sun exposure levels.

Keep the surface of your deck clean by brushing it regularly with a stiff bristle brush. This will remove dust, dirt, dead leaves and any algae to prevent the surface becoming slippery. Thorough cleaning using a power spray or proprietary cleaner should be carried out at least once each year too.

Don’t forget to also pay close attention to decking design considerations, as many of them can impact on ease of maintenance.

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