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The ultimate guide to Trex composite decking: UK 2024 edition

2023 was another inspiring year for us here at Arbordeck, and we’re delighted to have further strengthened our longstanding relationship with Trex. From hosting joint events to our ongoing support of the TrexPRO scheme, we’re proud of our partnership with Trex and the way this enables us to supply our valued customers with the very best in composite decking.

While it’s great to reflect on the past 12 months, we’re also very much looking forward to the year ahead. There’s plenty of exciting things to come, and we’re pleased to bring you on this journey with us. For now though, here’s our ultimate guide to Trex composite decking for 2024.

Why Trex?

We’re committed to only providing our customers with the very best decking products, which is why we’re the proud suppliers of Trex composite decking.

Pioneers of eco-friendly decking, Trex is the ideal brand for the sustainability conscious with boards comprising up to 95 per cent recycled materials – and the company has never felled a single tree in its 25-year history. Trex recycles over 1.5 billion plastic shopping bags each year, and was the first company of its kind to receive SAVE verification for recycled content.

As well as doing good, there’s no denying that Trex looks good too. Designed with aesthetics in mind, Trex composite decking boards offer the effect of the natural beauty of wood with the benefits of composite – and there are plenty of benefits. Trex boards won’t rot, split, fade or stain, will never need oiling or painting, offer incredible versatility of design, and come with an industry-leading warranty of up to 50 years.

All of this is thanks to Trex’s unique shell technology for enhanced protection against the weather for ultimate durability, even with minimal maintenance.

Comparing Trex and wood decking

When it comes to choosing the type of decking for a project the choice is ultimately yours, with traditional wood boards as well as Trex composite boards each offering a number of advantages. The addition of a deck not only extends outdoor living space and encourages better wellbeing, but can also add thousands onto the value of a home, making it a fantastic investment – whatever material is used.

While some people prefer the look and feel of timber and the perceived environmental benefits of using a natural resource, despite the higher maintenance requirements, it’s important to note that quality is key – especially when it comes to how sustainable timber decking really is. Purchasing from a trusted supplier can make all the difference in the quality of timber decking, and here at Arbordeck we’re proud to have invested in ensuring we only offer the very best quality and sustainably sourced timber.

Quality over cost

Similarly, quality is also a vital consideration when choosing composite decking. While customers may be tempted by lower price points, this is unlikely to offer value for money in the long term as cheaper composite decking is subject to both surface and structural damage. For this reason, we recommend Trex for durable, high quality composite decking supported by an industry-leading warranty for added peace of mind. This includes the Trex Enhance Basics range, which offers a more budget-friendly alternative without compromising on quality.

Trex in action

But don’t just take it from us – the overwhelmingly positive feedback and testimonials for Trex speaks for itself. The increasing numbers of installers joining the TrexPRO scheme also demonstrates the continuously growing popularity of Trex for a wide variety of applications across the commercial and residential sectors.

Our case studies offer a fantastic source of inspiration for what can be achieved when using Trex composite decking.

Composite decking stairs

DIY decking installation

While we always recommend using a professional installer for building a Trex deck, the product has been designed for ease of installation. This means that it’s possible for experienced DIYers and self-builders on a budget to install their own Trex decking.

Before installing a Trex deck, it’s vital to check local building codes and regulations to ensure compliance and safety. Once these requirements have been confirmed, we recommend planning the installation in advance.

Here are some of our top tips for installing a Trex deck:

  • Timber, composite, aluminium and steel joists are all acceptable materials for the substructure of a deck, which must be fixed down to ensure suitable drainage
  • The substructure must be a minimum of 38mm from the ground
  • Joist centres for residential decks must be a maximum of 400mm
  • All Trex boards are unique meaning the colour can vary, so lay out all boards before installing them to ensure you’re happy with the overall look
  • The use of breaker boards adds a dimension to the deck, and also means boards don’t have to be butted up against each other
  • All deck boards must be installed with a 6mm side-to-side gap, and a 3-5mm end-to-end or end-to-width gap between boards
  • There must be a 6-13mm abutting gap between the boards and other objects like houses or garden walls

We’re proud to supply a variety of purpose-made fixing systems and other complementary products to make the DIY installation of a Trex deck easier. You can also find our full Trex decking installation guide here.

Composite decking with Trex Signature Railing

Choosing the perfect design

Trex’s design flexibility means it’s the ideal choice for any outdoor space – commercial or residential, modern or traditional, large or small, and anything in between.

Experienced installers are able to work with you to create an overall design that suits you and your requirements, as well as the property and surrounding area. For example, installers can create multiple levels or curved areas to work around the existing space, or install bespoke features such as built-in seating areas and planters. There’s also the possibility of designing a deck with additions such as railings or lighting, which not only help to increase the safety of the space, but also look beautiful.

Colour is an important feature of decking design and should be one of the first considerations, as it can have a big impact on the sensitivity of the deck to its surroundings. While grey remains a popular choice for both interior and exterior designs, it is better suited to modern properties and city locations. On the other hand, brown shades of composite decking reminiscent of natural wood are more likely to complement traditional, rural and coastal properties.

Maintenance hacks

One of the many reasons for Trex composite decking’s growing popularity is its offering of a choice of colours without the need for staining and painting, and of course the upkeep this requires to keep the deck looking its best.

Unlike traditional timber alternatives, Trex continues to look its best for many years – even with minimal maintenance. You won’t need to oil or paint your Trex deck, and in fact it only requires bi-annual cleaning in spring and autumn. Simply sweep away any seasonal debris, then wash with warm, soapy water followed by a rinse, or alternatively use a pressure sprayer (but make sure the power is under 3100 PSI).

Trex decking samples

Outdoor living trends for 2024

Working closely with our installer customers across the country allows us to gain insight into the latest decking trends. Here’s a round up of what’s set to be popular in outdoor living design over the next 12 months:

  • Minimalism: this popular style is here to stay for 2024, and is particularly suited to modern properties. When it comes to applying this trend to decking, the use of a single colour, one level and only necessary additional features will create a sleek and minimalist outdoor living space.
  • One-of-a-kind design: although clean lines and subtle colours are set to remain popular, homeowners and business owners are increasingly looking to make their deck stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s the use of multiple colours, the addition of a unique inlay design, or curving boards around an existing garden feature, Trex is the ideal product for creating a deck that makes an impression.
  • Back to nature: with the proven link between nature and wellbeing, we’re seeing an increasing number of decks that incorporate the beauty of the natural world. Trex is well-suited to this trend thanks to its exceptional sustainability credentials, and the addition of plants and flowers further complements the benefits of being in the great outdoors.
  • Tranquil tones: decking can offer the perfect space for relaxation, so one of the key decking trends for 2024 will be the use of calming colours. Often inspired by the natural world, as is the case for shades in the Trex Lineage collection, choosing the right colour decking boards can help create the ultimate space for tranquility.
  • Built-in seating: we’re seeing an increasing number of deck designs utilising the available space through the addition of built-in seating. Not only does this create a sleek and minimalistic finish, but it also maximises the space available, making it ideal for smaller decks.

2024 product updates

As a market leader, Trex is constantly monitoring customer needs and emerging trends to ensure it offers the best product selection. Because of this, Trex is changing some of its current ranges, including updates to colour offerings and the consolidation of some of its complementary products.

Excitingly, Trex is also set to launch a new top-level range, and so much more. We’ll be sharing more on these updates throughout the year, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news.

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