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Under the spotlight: How Trex lighting can transform your deck

Trex deck surrounding a hot tub with lighting

Your deck is an expression of your personal style, whether you prefer a classic, inspired-by-nature look or a bold, modern style, the Trex range allows you to fully customise your deck. Thanks to the launch of the Trex Outdoor Lighting Range earlier this year, there are now more opportunities to make your deck unique to you – with 11 colours to choose from, two Trex railing options, three lighting products, and the option to include features like hot tubs, water features, and curved sections of deck, the choices are almost limitless.

Whatever your style, Trex Outdoor Lighting can bring out your deck’s best features.

Light it up

At FutureScape last year, we revealed the new Trex Outdoor Lighting collection for the very first time, and it’s already proving very popular with people wanting to spend more time enjoying their decking later into the evening.

The post-cap lights, which perfectly complement Trex Signature Railing systems, are particularly popular, offering a gentle glow that creates a wonderful atmosphere on summer evenings.

Trex Signature Railings, available in black and bronze, add a stylish touch to decks, helping to delineate different areas of the decking and act as a safety barrier for decks, multi-level decks or those built on balconies or rooftops – adding a post-cap light completes the look perfectly.

Recessed deck lights can be used to mark out the edges of a deck while creating a subtle lighting effect – these lights sit flush against the surface, so enhance rather than detract from your deck’s appearance. We especially like the use of recessed deck lights around water features such as a pond or fountain; and they can be used to pick out pathways across the deck, or to highlight lush greenery.

Trex Island Mist deck surrounding a hot tub


Next level design for deck lighting

Multi-level decks are always eye-catching and make for a spectacular garden feature, and with multiple levels comes the option to incorporate lighting in striking news ways.

Trex stair riser lights can not only help highlight stairs and make your deck safer, but will make your deck look beautiful too. One of our TrexPRO Platinum installers, Roger Brown, recently installed a simply stunning deck around a hot tub – the steps to the tub were constructed entirely from Trex Transcend, each one with Trex stair riser lights illuminating the way to the bubbles.

Trex deck surrounding a hot tub with Trex lighting on steps.


Simply does it

The Trex Outdoor Lighting collection is easy to fit to both new and existing decks, so even if you already have your dream decking, you can still easily upgrade with new lights. Installers can fit the lights with the simple LightHub ‘snap and go’ connection system, and the range offers all the tools needed for a smooth installation including a transformer, a six-way splitter, male wire, female-female adapter and Forstner bit for precise drilling.

The lights feature high-performance, energy-efficient LEDs which are weatherproof and salt-air resistant. The lighting level can be controlled via a timer, with the option of a remote control dimmer also available – so you really can create your ideal outdoor ambience.

For more information on the Trex Outdoor Lighting range, contact us today!

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