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Building decking into your outdoor living plans

Garden composite decking

In the winter months you may neglect the outdoors thanks to the cold and the rain but with spring only a few months away, now is the time to start thinking about enjoying the outdoors again. And what better way to enjoy the weather taking a more positive turn than setting up in your own garden?

Outdoor living provides a large number of benefits when it comes to living a healthier and more fulfilling life. If you’re looking for fresh ideas on how to maximise your outdoor space whether through taking on new activities or installing a new showstopping focal point, then look no further, we’re here to explain all the fun that can be had outdoors.

Top image: Deck installed by Composite Decking Lifestyles


Why outdoor living?

Spending time outside of your home is vital for your wellbeing, whether that’s enjoying a walk in the park or relaxing in your garden. For a large majority of people, being outside can prove to be incredibly important for both physical and mental health, whether that’s through getting your hands dirty by gardening or enjoying quality time with friends and family.

Research by YouGov for HTA, found in this extensive article from comparethemarket, reveals that people use their own gardens for a range of reasons:

  • 70% as a place to relax
  • 62% to grow plants, trees or flowers
  • 49% to feed, watch or encourage the presence of wildlife
  • 42% to entertain family or friends
  • 35% to grow their own food
  • 31% as a space for pets
  • 23% for a space for children to play
  • 15% to get exercise


Composite decking

Deck installed by Composite Decking Lifestyles


Why gardening?

Whilst most homeowners do have a garden, there can be a lack of inspiration when it comes to ideas and decoration. Gardening is a popular hobby due to its vast number of benefits such as:

  • Exercise – Gardening keeps you extremely active; activities such as pulling weeds and mowing the lawn promote cardiovascular health and fitness.
  • Mood – The RHS found a significant association between improvements in mental wellbeing and frequent gardening.
  • Develop relationships – Gardening can involve the whole family; making it a great opportunity to spend time in the fresh air with your loved ones.
  • Self-esteem – Once completed, observing the success of your work can give a real sense of achievement, as well as providing an important environment for wildlife to thrive.


Why decking?

If you are an avid gardener, having a modern and comfortable space to enjoy your hard work can make a big difference. Decking provides a low-maintenance, outdoor space with endless possibilities for inspiration and design, leaving you to freely choose the outdoor living area of your dreams. Installing decking in your garden won’t dampen your hopes of having a blooming garden, as decking can be installed around your greenery or this can even be built into the decking design.

Having new decking installed is perfect for:

  • Entertaining family and friends in a social environment
  • Creating additional living space
  • Cooking a fantastic meal on a barbecue
  • Increasing the value of your home
  • Enjoying some time by yourself
  • Incorporating gardening work into your decking is both easy and eye-catching for yourself and any visitors to your garden, and installing a deck provides the perfect opportunity to admire your garden and encourage outdoor living.


Composite decking

Deck installed by Composite Decking Lifestyles

Why Trex?

Trex composite decking boards are ideal for homeowners who are looking to enjoy their time outside, as they do not require a significant amount of maintenance once your Trex deck project is finished.

Thanks to its superior design, a Trex composite deck is more durable and long-lasting than other decking options, and requires no sanding, staining or repainting once installed making it easy to keep it pristine. All you need is some soap and water or a thorough clean with a power washer to keep your decking looking brand new.

Compared to traditional timber decking, Trex is the lower maintenance option as it won’t splinter, rot or twist and you’ll never need to paint or stain the boards, but that doesn’t mean that timber decking can’t be of value as well. Traditional timber decking may require more maintenance compared to a Trex deck as you will have to paint/stain the boards consistently but it comes at a lower cost.


Why wait?

As we start to look towards the arrival of some much-needed warmer weather, now is the perfect time to get ahead and start planning your new outdoor living space. If you’re looking to install new decking, please visit the Arbordeck website to order your Trex composite decking sample so you can not only experience the quality of a Trex product, but help turn your outdoor ideas into a reality.


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