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Case study: Trex Decking in Cambridgeshire

Installer: Composite Decking Lifestyles
Location: Cambridgeshire
Products used: Trex Transcend®, Trex Hideaway® Secret Fixing System.

Immerse yourself in the perfect harmony of style and functionality with Composite Decking Lifestyles Decking in Cambridgeshire. Crafted by the skilled hands of Carl Boreham, this stunning deck embodies the ideal fusion of aesthetics and practicality, tailored for a homeowner with a penchant for social gatherings.

The inspiration:

Carl Boreham, the visionary behind Composite Decking Lifestyles, embarked on a mission to curate an outdoor space that seamlessly marries visual appeal with functionality. Tasked with creating an area conducive to regular social events, the challenge was to strike the right balance between style and usability.

Decking in Cambridgeshire

The detail:

A Symphony of Trex Transcend® Elegance

The heart of this stylish deck beats with Trex Transcend® Gravel Path boards, adorned with an elegant border in Trex Transcend® Island Mist. The result is not just a deck; it’s a visual masterpiece that transforms the outdoor space into a haven of sophistication. Lighting, strategically placed, not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also ensures a safe and inviting environment, allowing the festivities to extend well into the evening.

Bespoke Bars and Beyond

Composite Decking Lifestyles went above and beyond by introducing bespoke timber bars, elevating the deck to a realm of luxury. These custom bars, equipped with integrated electrical sockets, USB points, Bluetooth speakers, and heating elements, redefine the concept of outdoor entertainment. Whether it’s charging devices, streaming music, or staying warm on cooler evenings, the deck anticipates every need.

Invisible Ingenuity with Trex Hideaway®

The deck seamlessly integrates traditional timber and modern Trex composite decking boards, a testament to Composite Decking Lifestyles’ commitment to both aesthetics and functionality. The Trex Hideaway® Secret Fixing System discreetly secures the boards, ensuring a flawless surface that doesn’t compromise on visual appeal. It’s a space where practicality meets elegance, where every detail is considered.

Garden bar with composite decking in Cambridgeshire

The full effect Decking in Cambridgeshire:

The finished result is more than just a deck; it’s a social hub meticulously designed for outdoor gatherings. Whether hosting a soirée under the stars or a casual get-together, this deck provides the ideal setting. The symbiosis of Trex Transcend® beauty, bespoke amenities, and the innovative Trex Hideaway® system creates a space where style and function coalesce seamlessly.

Step into a world where outdoor living is an art form, courtesy of Composite Decking Lifestyles in Cambridgeshire. Redefine your lifestyle, one deck at a time.

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