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Case study: Decking in Surrey

Installer: Surrey No1 Handyman

Location: Surrey

Products used: Trex Transcend®, Trex Pro Plug®, Trex® Deck Tape.

Unleash the potential of your outdoor space with Trex composite decking in Surrey. This project in the heart of Surrey showcases the seamless integration of Trex Transcend® composite decking, laying the foundation for a captivating outdoor retreat.

The inspiration:

Charged with the task of creating an inviting decking space that seamlessly aligns with an upcoming veranda installation, Surrey No1 Handyman envisioned a design that enhances year-round outdoor enjoyment. The objective: to construct an attractive and functional space that complements every season.

Decking in Surrey

The detail:

Trex Transcend® composite decking, celebrated for its unique shell technology offering superior protection from the elements, emerged as the perfect choice for this Surrey project. The boards, featuring the contrasting hues of Tiki Torch and Spiced Rum, create a visually stunning effect with a focal point design.

Despite the deck’s unconventional shape, Surrey No1 Handyman’s precision and skill ensure a perfectly square layout. The strategic use of Trex Pro Plug® and Trex® Deck Tape not only enhances durability but also adds to the visual allure, promising both longevity and a captivating outdoor haven.

Decking in Surrey

Decking in Surrey – The full effect:

Surrey No1 Handyman’s innovative approach has yielded more than just a visually appealing deck—it maximises available space and serves as the ideal canvas for the homeowner’s vision of the ultimate outdoor living area. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of Trex Transcend® decking, where functionality seamlessly meets aesthetics against the backdrop of Surrey’s natural beauty.

Benefits of Trex Transcend® Decking:

Beyond its captivating appearance, Trex Transcend® composite decking boasts a myriad of benefits. Engineered with unmatched durability, it withstands the harshest weather conditions, ensuring longevity without compromising on style. The unique shell technology not only shields against the elements but also minimises maintenance, making it an investment that stands the test of time. As a sustainable choice, Trex Transcend® is crafted from recycled materials, aligning seamlessly with eco-conscious living. Experience outdoor luxury with Trex Transcend® decking—where beauty, resilience, and environmental responsibility converge.

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