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Case study: Decking in Leicestershire

Installer: AMS Garden Services
Location: Leicestershire
Products used: Trex Transcend® in Island Mist. Popular Trex Transcend® shade Island Mist was used to design a completely new area for a homeowners decking in Leicestershire.  

The inspiration

AMS Garden Services undertook a comprehensive makeover of the garden area, introducing a bespoke seating area crafted with precision using Trex. The project also featured strategically designed stairs and integrated planters for a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Trex decking steps

The detail 

Trex Transcend® composite decking in the chic Island Mist shade played a key role in this garden overhaul, extending across stairs and the custom-designed seating area. With dimensions measuring 5 x 14 m², Island Mist emerged as the perfect choice, offering a vibrant and clean contrast to the natural green surroundings.

The clever design of the seating area created a secluded space within the deck, providing a tranquil spot away from the hustle and bustle – an ideal retreat for relaxation. In addition, the alteration in the direction of the decking panels added a spatial dimension, evoking the feeling of distinct rooms within the outdoor setting.

By seamlessly using Trex materials for both the seating and the decking floor, AMS Garden Services achieved a unified, modern design that seamlessly integrated with the natural environment.

Large Trex decking area in a garden in Leicestershire

The full effect for decking in Leicestershire

The expansive deck, a testament to AMS Garden Services’ craftsmanship, is not merely an outdoor space; it’s a canvas where functionality meets artistry. With meticulous attention to detail, the design effortlessly navigates between grandeur and intimacy. Seating areas strategically placed throughout beckon residents to immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings.

AMS Garden Services, with an eye for innovation, has seamlessly blended nature and modern design. As the deck stretches majestically, it doesn’t impose but invites. It’s not just a gathering space; it’s an extension of the home, a sanctuary where the distinction between indoor and outdoor living dissolves. The strategic integration of vibrant plant life enhances the allure, creating a dynamic ecosystem that evolves with the seasons.

Above all every corner tells a story – a story of Leicestershire’s charm interwoven with Trex Transcend® elegance. It’s an ode to outdoor living, an invitation to bask in the tranquility of one’s own sanctuary. As the sun sets over Leicestershire, casting a warm glow on the Island Mist deck, it’s not just a space; it’s a living masterpiece, waiting to be explored and cherished.

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