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Case study: Trex decking in Sussex – Inlay Design

Installer: Elite Composite Designs
Location: Sussex
Products used: Trex Transcend® in Island Mist and Gravel Path

This highly creative deck is the new talking point of this Sussex home thanks to its complex geometric inlay feature. 

The inspiration

Elite Composite Designs completed this transformation with a variety of functions, a large main decking area, space for a compost bin and a flower bed, all whilst being fitted around a summer house.  

Trex decking with beautiful inlay design in Sussex

The detail 

Spanning 50 square metres, the deck in Trex Island Mist was double bordered with light grey Gravel Path, to perfectly complement the silvery shade of the Trex Island Mist boards. The deck was also cut short in one corner and along the back specifically to ensure room for composting and flower beds for added personal touches. Alongside this, Trex Signature® Railing in Black was fitted, equipped with Post Cap Lights from the Trex Outdoor Lighting range for ambience and to frame the deck. 

In the main area, a highly complicated geometric design of a hexagram was inlayed within its own square border to frame it for an impeccable finishing touch. 

After discussions between Elite Composite Design and the homeowner, the design was agreed which allowed installer Michael the opportunity to showcase his skills, to push the boundaries of Trex and break free from traditional decks. Once hours of drawings had been finalised, construction of the piece began. But the hard work didn’t stop there, the geometry could easily be out of alignment, or at a wrong angle. However, Michael’s incredible determination and attention to detail, as well as skilled workmanship, produced a fascinating feature. Within the boards, Trex Recessed Deck Lights were added flush to enhance its impressiveness and Trex Signature® Railing with our Post Cap Lights was installed to frame the deck. Due to Trex’s low maintenance and durable design, this feature will stay stunning for many years to come. 

Trex decking with beautiful inlay design in Sussex

Decking in Sussex – The full effect

With sleek colours and an incredible display of workmanship, this modern decking Sussex will be perfect to boast in the upcoming summer months, as well as providing a beautiful landscape for the flower beds to flourish. 

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