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Case study: Decking in Cockett, Swansea Celtic Carpentry Ltd

Installer: Celtic Carpentry Ltd
Location: Cockett Swansea
Products used: Trex Enhance® Basics in Clam Shell and Trex Enhance® in Foggy Wharf. Discover how Celtic Carpentry Ltd, a certified TrexPro installer, transformed a hillside property decking in Cockett, Swansea, into a stunning outdoor retreat. Two popular shades from the Trex Enhance® ranges were used at this Welsh property to create a layered deck that perfectly lends itself to the surrounding natural environment.


The inspiration

Facing the challenge of a hillside property, TrexPro installer Celtic Carpentry Ltd

envisioned a deck that not only connected the house to the lower garden but also provided expansive social spaces without overpowering the outdoor surroundings.

Decking in Cockett Swansea


The detail

With expertise and precision, our team implemented a modern color scheme by incorporating Trex Enhance® Basics in Clam Shell for the main deck and Trex Enhance® Foggy Wharf for borders and detailing. The result? A visually striking deck boasting nine levels, accommodating various uses and offering two access points to the lower garden.

At one of the main decks, we integrated flower beds, harmonizing with the lush greenery and adding a burst of color. To enhance both safety and ambiance during dusk, strategically placed LEDs were seamlessly integrated into the steps.


Large decking area in Cockett Swansea


The full effect – Decking in Cockett, Wales

Recognised for its excellence, this large 11m x 9m deck received the prestigious title of ‘Best large Trex deck’ at the 2022 Arbordeck Awards. Its clean finish, smooth lines, and thoughtful design provide a structural marvel that adds a ‘wow factor’ to the garden while preserving its natural charm.

Experience the magic of Trex Enhance® decking with Celtic Carpentry Ltd, where functionality meets aesthetics, creating outdoor living spaces that captivate and delight.


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