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Case study: Eccleston, JR Tolley – Bespoke Decking Installations

Trex Enhance Naturals in Toasted Sand and Rocky Harbor Lancashire

Installer: JR Tolley – Bespoke Decking Installations
Stockist: CW Berry, Leyland
Location: Eccleston, Lancashire
Products used: Trex Enhance Naturals in Toasted Sand and Rocky Harbor

This Deck in Lancashire, a remarkable multi-level deck was brought to life using two sought-after shades from the Trex Enhance Naturals collection.


The inspiration

JR Tolley – Bespoke Decking Installations, a trusted TrexPRO installer, was tasked with the exciting project of designing and installing a multi-level residential deck. The objective was clear: to create a stylish, functional outdoor living space that would be perfect for family gatherings, particularly during the sun-soaked summer months.

Large decking area in Lancashire

Deck details

This extraordinary decking in Lancashire spans three levels, seamlessly extending from the property’s bi-fold doors to the garden 2.5 meters below. It features convenient head-height access beneath its primary level, strategically designed to maximize the enjoyment of the evening sun. Custom-built feature staircases connect each level, including a direct access route from the highest level to the garden.

For the deck’s primary color, Trex Enhance Naturals in the popular shade Rocky Harbor was selected. Its modern yet timeless appearance sets the tone for the entire deck. Additionally, the alternative shade, Toasted Sand, was introduced to add subtle character to the design. The incorporation of a second color of deck boards was ideal for creating visually appealing borders throughout the expansive deck. It also allowed for a unique inlay design, carefully positioned as a focal point without overwhelming the rest of the space.

Garden decking in lancashire

Finishing Touches

The deck was thoughtfully adorned with planters on both sides of the staircase connecting the second and third levels. In addition, in-built benches were installed on the lower level, providing a perfect vantage point for taking in the garden’s beauty. To demonstrate an unmatched attention to detail, the property’s balcony was meticulously finished to match the deck, showcasing a harmonious blend of aesthetics.


The Final Outcome for the Decking in Lancashire

This remarkable deck, brought to life by JR Tolley’s creativity and expertise, is a testament to the boundless design possibilities offered by Trex composite decking. It not only ensures a safe and stylish outdoor living space for the family during the summer but also offers year-round enjoyment.

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