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Arbordeck provides you with decking products manufactured from slow-grown timber to provide arguably the most dimensionally stable, long-lasting softwood decking on the market. We are also the exclusive UK distributor of Trex Transcend, the composite decking revolution.

Timber decking seating area
Trex Transcend in Tiki Torch - seating area

For our premium-grade products, we only use timber from northern latitudes. This is because the trees in these regions grow slowly, which means the wood fibres are packed closely together. After manufacture, this close-packed structure gives decking its strength.

What’s more, when our timber absorbs rainwater, it expands less than many other timbers. As a result, there is reduced movement, which in turn reduces the strain against the fixings and minimises the risk of boards twisting, warping or splitting.

You can check how slowly the timber was grown by comparing the number of growth rings — simply put, the more growth rings, the slower the timber has grown. Of course, not all decking is the same, so we put our name on each and every board.

Here at Arbordeck, we also use a Chain of Custody–certified system to provide traceability from forest to finished product. This helps ensure that our natural environment is maintained.

Balcony area in Gravel Path
English country garden - lava rocl

Arbordeck’s commitment to the environment

As a founder member of Forests Forever, the environmental voice of our industry, we only use quality European timber legally sourced from northern latitudes.

We also work closely with PEFC and FSC®, the global benchmark for responsible forest management, so you can rest assured that all of our timber comes from sustainably managed forests.

Arbordeck also complies with the requirements of the Timber Trade Federation set out in its Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP). Furthermore, our preservative treatment is one of the most environmentally advanced, water-borne systems on the market today.

Arbordeck now offers the leading Trex composite decking and railing system. Trex is manufactured from 95 per cent recycled materials, such as wood and plastic waste.

More about Trex decking

Smooth boards with inset feature lights
Raised timber deck with staircase

Arbordeck’s commitment to quality

All Arbordeck softwood components are treated with an advanced preservative to help achieve longer life. These components are manufactured from pressure-treated timber that has been impregnated with Naturewood, a unique, environmentally advanced and proven timber preservative from a global leader in timber treatments, Osmose.

The treatment makes use of a water-borne preservative developed to provide long-term protection against termite and fungal decay. It also meets the demanding requirements of Use Class 4 Standard for in-ground or direct soil contact and Class 3 Standard for out-of-ground applications.

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