Meadow Lane, Elite Composite Designs Ltd



TREX Pro Installer: Yes
Project width (m): 5
Project length (m): 10
Products used: Trex Transcend Island Mist and Trex Transcend Gravel Path Decking with Trex Signature Railing
( Black ) and Trex Post Cap lights. There is Trex Recessed lights within the inlay design.
Unusual features: This Featured Decking Has a Six Pointed Hexagram ( six pointed Star ) circumscribing a Hexskelion ( Six Bent Legs ) within the Hexagram.
Where were the materials purchased: Alloway Timber and Southern Sheeting

Judges Comment:

“Great example of pushing the boundaries. The thought, detail and skill required to build this inlay should not be underestimated. A project to be proud of.”


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