Trex Recycled Decking Sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, Trex decking tries to be as green as the great outdoors itself. This is one of the reasons why we are very proud to sell Trex recycled decking here at Arbordeck.

Trex decking with steps
Close up of Trex Transcend composite decking in Gravel Path

Every year, Trex saves 300,000 tonnes of scrap plastic and wood from landfill sites by instead using the materials in the production of their recycled decking.

As the single largest company recycling plastic bags in the United States, Trex is responsible for putting seven out of ten plastic bags to new use in sustainable decking.

With a serious commitment to sustainability, Trex also uses reclaimed wood, used pallets and over 150 million kilos of sawdust every year, as opposed to felling trees. The firm actively employs auditing from external parties in order to continually evolve their processes and improve their efficiency, while providing a durable and versatile product.

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