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Case study: Decking in Warlingham

Custom Curve Decking

Installer: Custom Curve Decking
Location: Warlingham, Surrey
Products used: Trex Transcend®, Trex Pro Plug®

Shortlisted as ‘Best Large Deck’ in the 2021 Arbordeck Awards, this innovative decking in Surrey features unusual vertical elements alongside sweeping curves.

The inspiration:

When a customer hit a roadblock in their plan for a new paved patio due to lack of access to the space, Custom Curve Decking suggested low-maintenance, high-impact Trex decking as the ideal solution. With free rein to create stunning features such as curved sections and contrasting-coloured zones, this deck allowed Custom Curve Decking to flex their creative muscles.

Trex Custom Curve Decking in garden in Surrey

Decking in Warlingham, Surrey, the detail:

This deck – located in Warlingham, Surrey – stands out thanks to its expansive design and host of additional features, not least the wonderful ‘living wall’. The decking design relocated the original stairs down to the patio – which became the lower level of decking – to create a large useable outdoor space.

Trex Transcend® Island Mist and Gravel Path decking boards are commonly used together as complementary colours, but here installer Custom Curve Decking flipped the script, using the lighter shade of Gravel Path as the main colour, with Island Mist used for detail work such as edges, picking out vertical planters, and as an eye-catching central square created from off-cuts from other projects. In total, the deck uses almost 100 square metres of Trex decking.

The deck is formed of two main sections, and incorporates two sets of stairs, each perfectly formed using Trex decking boards and fascias. The upper tier of the deck is intended as a dining area, and includes stylish black railings which contrast with the light-toned Trex boards.

The lower tier is impressive in both its size and its style, with beautiful ‘living wall’ vertical planters on the rear wall, framed in Island Mist boards, and a curved frontage leading to perfectly curved steps down to the property’s lawn.

Custom Curve Decking’s expert installation completes the clean and seamless overall effect, thanks to the use of end seal on cut boards, fully taped joists, and Trex Pro Plug® fittings.

Custom Curve Trex Decking in Surrey

The full effect:

Combining a beautiful design over a significant footprint with impressive attention to detail, Custom Curve Decking’s Warlingham, Surrey project demonstrated an innovative approach to design that brought a fresh feel to this exceptional outdoor space.

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